Bride Of Royalty

A Day in the Life of a Kingdom Wife

A Day in the Life of a Kingdom Wife

Life is unpredictable. It is messy, painful, often confusing, and downright unfair. Life is organic and beautiful. It is complicated yet simple. It is full of joy and wonder.  Life’s a journey where adventure awaits at every twist and turn. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Kingdom Wife”


Do Be A Prude 

Growing up I heard the request of many declaring to girls & women alike; “Don’t be such a Prude!” Never stopping to actually define this word, Prude. I along with many, simply assumed the understanding. The idea was deemed to mean; be loose & free. To not be uptight and concerned. The phrase gave a directive for women to hike up their skirts Continue reading “Do Be A Prude “

Unseen… Schedules, Self-Discovery & Strengths (part2)

With the last several weeks opportunity has been dropped into my life that I hadn’t even been thinking about! It’s interesting how in the adventures of life, obstacles pop up and somehow we make it through to the other side. Even when we don’t know Continue reading “Unseen… Schedules, Self-Discovery & Strengths (part2)”

Schedules, Self-Discovery & Strengths (part 1)

The moment in time something completely unexpected occurs in my life the reaction is clear; Butterflies. Fleeting fluttering little creatures tap-dancing upon my heart sending a rush of jumbled signals into my brain. Next to be bombarded Continue reading “Schedules, Self-Discovery & Strengths (part 1)”

Oak Tree

Her invisible sword always on her side, ready to slay any opponent

One wrong move Continue reading “Oak Tree”


Happy Wordy Wednesday!

The best part of working from home?! I can take a day off without making any awkward calls or texts to my boss! Monday was a lovely day off with my sweet hubby! Some much needed adult time. The day was Continue reading “Shapak”

Foodie Friday

Friday is here and I have officially accomplished one week using my “Working Love Calendar” schedule! Yay! Time to celebrate! I really do feel quite accomplished. I still have tons of things on my list however Continue reading “Foodie Friday”

Light Of Mine

Hey readers! Fun fact about me; I am a bit of a word nerd. I genuinely find joy in discovering latin and greek root meanings of our english words. English really just doesn’t quite provide Continue reading “Light Of Mine”

A New Love

A new year, a new month, a new week…I relish in new, fresh starts. Yet, somehow I am really good at wasting my new days. In an earlier, though not so recent post; I discussed my Seasons. I talked about how I fluctuate in productivity because Continue reading “A New Love”

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