Bride Of Royalty

A Day in the Life of a Kingdom Wife


Royalty As Reality

Finding Unity Despite Dysfunction

Sit down, buckle up and expand your perspective. We are SO going there people. Continue reading “Finding Unity Despite Dysfunction”


Let My Heartbeat Breakthrough

via Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

Let your ears receive my heart’s cry

Let my heartbeat breakthrough your veil Continue reading “Let My Heartbeat Breakthrough”

Do Be A Prude 

Growing up I heard the request of many declaring to girls & women alike; “Don’t be such a Prude!” Never stopping to actually define this word, Prude. I along with many, simply assumed the understanding. The idea was deemed to mean; be loose & free. To not be uptight and concerned. The phrase gave a directive for women to hike up their skirts Continue reading “Do Be A Prude “

Schedules, Self-Discovery & Strengths (part 1)

The moment in time something completely unexpected occurs in my life the reaction is clear; Butterflies. Fleeting fluttering little creatures tap-dancing upon my heart sending a rush of jumbled signals into my brain. Next to be bombarded Continue reading “Schedules, Self-Discovery & Strengths (part 1)”

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