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Reaching My Potential

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written anything! Can’t expect a following if there’s nothing to follow…right? Oops. *FacePalm*

Life is ever flowing and my role in it continues to evolve. Dude. I birthed a human being. Yup. Ran for the hills and ditched all that I thought I knew the moment I found out we were expecting. I was terrified that I had nothing to show for my life and that I would be a terrible role model. After all, what do I have to show for my life…?

It’s totally true what they say…all those little gadgets and gear will mean nothing the moment your child enters the world. Don’t get me wrong- it’s AMAZING having all the gear and goodies we have been blessed with…makes caring for a tiny person so much….more comfortable. Ha! If you thought I was going to say ‘easy’ you probably haven’t parented an infant yet. 😉

No, seriously though, this little man has flipped me upside down and changed the rules of the game since the day I saw those 2 little blue lines- or maybe they were pink. I applied for college, got a local job, stopped writing and even researched MLM’s till the cows came home! I really thought I had to have some type of credential, title or paycheck that would somehow qualify or prepare me to be a mother.

Total nonsense! You can read all the books, do all the research and have all the gear- but that isn’t what makes you able to  be a mother. It also is not what determines my value as a mother. Tomorrow marks 6 weeks that my sweet boy has been on this earth and I know I have tons to learn and of course I cannot put a value on being a mother or determine what actual value I bring. I do know that I was made to be his and I don’t need a paycheck, certificate, degree or a book to tell me that I can do this and I do it well; every single day.

I didn’t end up attending school plus, we moved so the job didn’t work out the way I hoped it would and I don’t currently have a room or trunk full of MLM inventory…But along my journey of growing life inside me I found out a few new things about myself. I discovered that I have strength and capabilities that far exceed what I ever imagined and I learned more about my passion to change lives in a way that has given sharper clarity and depth to my vision. Now, I have this super amazing tiny human that I get to care for and guide. I get to watch him learn & grow right alongside me.

I also learned that not every entrepreneurial  work-from-home-or-your-phone business requires you to sell a product that just perpetuates consumerism! WHAT?! Now, don’t go clicking away, huffing and puffing…I enjoy all the goods too…clothes, makeup, gadgets & gear, especially all things crunchy. DUH. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t aim for less consumption or know the importance of valuing self over stuff.

After all, this blog totally exists in order to better the planet by helping teach and guide others to arrive at the discovery of the reality of their own worth & value.  Hoping that by walking with individuals as they learn to release their past they might recognize they exist for great purpose. Believing all the junk that’s happened to them can be turned around for their good. In order that they would desire to reach their potential and help to set many more free from bondage of past & pain. Leading others to receive the truth that their inherent identity holds power & authority.

We don’t have to allow our past, education, experiences or pain to determine our value. This is why throughout my pregnancy journey and finding my passion to move forward as a Holistic Wellness Coach I decided to join a team that holds similar values. So many of us are bound even by our own bodies. Whether that’s a number on a scale or a trauma that we suffered, the state of our bodies and acceptance thereof can greatly affect how we view our value. Our bodies can be the source of our stagnancy.

Before the pregnancy I know my body was a source of pain for me. I was depressed and frazzled by a huge move and tons of really tough changes- some that were not welcomed by my husband and I last year. When I got pregnant I worried that my body couldn’t handle it and that I’d be bedridden. Then I chose to do something about it. I decided to branch out my skills & services and launch a business focused on fitness. Of course that meant I needed to be committed to my own fitness journey! So, I did it. I gained no weight in the first trimester and because of the quality of the fitness program and my dedication I actually toned up, lost fat and gained muscle during my 2nd trimester! But more on that in a later post!

If I know just one thing it is that without growing, learning & stretching oneself outside of comfort zones- we become stagnant, stale & boring. Boredom leads to redundancy & you lose all motivation. Truly, without growth we die. I got to the point that I needed to obliterate my comfort zone.  So, as I now am blessed with the role of Mom- guiding my little man, we get to learn together to reach for our potential.

As I get back into the swing of things running the blog you will see some changes being made. I won’t be deleting the past entries as I find joy in seeing my transition but you will see a shift in my writing and hopefully more consistency! 😉 I will be adding a page of Services offered so be on the lookout! And if you think your body might be a current roadblock in your life, please reach out! Head over to my FB group @Wellness Goal Diggers and request to join. Then make sure you send me a PM so we can start your journey toward holistic wellness!




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