Welcome Reader! I am Jackie, a Bride of Royalty.

I am a warrior for the Kingdom Army.

Let us stand & fight together.

 As a truth-seeker and lover of justice, I have vision and hope for our future generations to no longer be vulnerable to modern-day slavery: human trafficking. Since learning in depth about human trafficking 3 years ago~ I have come to conclude that slavery was not abolished in  1865 as history would attempt to tell us. More and more Americans are beginning to awaken to this reality. My desire to be involved hit chords deep within my soul and I knew I had to find my voice in this fight. I jumped in head first & haphazardly, as is my niche. I quickly discovered that I was simply in over my head & beginning to drown I wondered; “How many with a voice & a sword in this fight are experiencing what I am? How many being reached are just turning and running for the hills?”  Immediately I retreated. I then spent more than an entire year observing the modern day war on slavery from afar.

What I learned is this: slavery has many ugly faces & appears to have a vast number of allies. For those who want to be in the fight there are a multitude of organizations, campaigns & clubs to choose from. My strategy however, is far different than any I have found thus far. The only opponent worthy enough to win the war against slavery, is Love.To truly wage war against slavery, we must know what it is to be a warrior. We must enlist in the Kingdom Army, train, engage and fight right. While human trafficking is the Goliath I long to slay, no monster will go unnoticed. The faces of slavery are desert places. Too many have been lost from wandering into these places. Some of them include: oppression, depression, abuse, anxiety, shame, guilt, and fear; to name the big players. I know that these may seem impossible to overcome at times; but you are destined for greatness and nothing is impossible with my God.

This blog is my sword. With it, I fight. With my sword I aim to bridge women to their identity in the Kingdom as Brides of Royalty so that all may experience complete freedom & restoration from desert places. By teaching how to Recognize, Receive, and Release her Roots of Royalty we can win this war. The blog exists as a foundation to build up a community of warriors to stand as an army of Unity & Justice to shine as a light of love into our nation. It is vital that we recognize this platform is intended to be an interactive journey.  I want to know you and I want you to know me. Most importantly, I long for you to know our King! Relationships are vitally important and a main key to the success of a culture change. Wisdom has shown me that in order to create a culture change; we must first establish a community that has changed its culture. We need allies! That is where you come in!

My heart is full with compassion for you and a deep understanding of the torment that can occur in our hearts and minds. My desire for you to know freedom comes out of honest and working Love for people; for my King’s people. I am a Bride of Royalty; and I discovered this reality through seeking my own freedom. I do not come to you as Queen born into a Palace, but as a former slave, born in bondage to desert places. I do not claim to have all the answers; but I know the King who holds the Keys to your Freedom.

Join me on the blog; enjoy, engage, and establish yourself as an Ally! Together we are waging war on the enemy who lures us into these desert places! We are equipping the slaves with the truth of their identity, setting the captives free, and equipping the Bride with her Full Armor. Remember!! Bride of Royalty is your title to claim and declare! Yours to recognize, receive, and release.

If you already know you want to go deeper and learn more then go to the contact page and send me a little note! Let’s start your training! Each person has unique experiences but there are threads of truth we can all relate to and gain wisdom from; simply by sharing with one another. By establishing community, standing firm in our identity, and maintaining unity through honest communication; we can bring His Kingdom come.

I am thrilled that you are here! You are right where you are supposed to be! No matter your circumstance; there is hope. You are not alone. While I know, all too well this may be hard to believe right now; you will overcome and trade up. Beauty for Ashes. Tears of sorrow for songs of joy! So, go on now! Read up, comment, connect and let me know; what color jewels will your crown hold?