Maybe I just suck at this whole thing…I’ve been mostly at it for just about a year now…No consistency, no theme or niche to my content (or is there?) and definitely no incoming moolah. Yet, I love it! I love being able to hop on my keys and share with you when my life allows. Sure, I want to be likened to the next Wellness Mama, Nadia or Hippie Homemaker. My list of favs could certainly go on. All I can do, is just be me. Authentically, genuinely, truly, me.

Do not let the post’s title fool you- I am in no way shape or form bored with blogging. I just love that something can seem one way and then you can come to discover that the thing was completely different by nature of what you expected. Or maybe it isn’t even about expectations but rather our perception. Our mindset. The content of which our mind is set upon.

I promised some DIY posts and you better believe they are coming! But! I don’t want to just spit out for you the same old expected format. Storyline, photo. Hook, photo. Ingredients, storyline, photo. Instructions. You know the format! It’s the one where you think as you scroll and scroll that maybe; juuust maybe, you will actually come back to this post when you “have the time” to really read it- but right now you just want that step-by-step so you can modify and support the idea you already had in your mind on how to do the thing in the first place.

DIY’d All My Wedding Decor 

Yeah, that format. I am thinking, with all this valuable info out on the interwebs why is it that even the “top dogs” of blogging have so much nonsense in their comments and much less actual interaction and connectedness with their so-called readers. Like, do people really just sit around on the web in their spare time waiting to pounce on an article so they can try to tell someone else’s readers they can do it better? Or, such-and-such company sells a better product, or so-and-so research states otherwise?

Try to stick with me, because although I always have readers when I post, the interaction is simply not there. Am, I doing something wrong or are you just expecting the same routine and not finding it? I want to make it easier for you! I genuinely want to know who you are! Yes, YOU! Individually, uniquely, specifically; you. Not, you, as in the general statistics and demographics of whomever reads a blog. But really, who are you?

Where am I going? I am going to a place called authenticity. This is a place where you no longer value human opinion above your true identity. I want to see you break out of that lie and into reality. You can live a life without having everything mapped out for you by everyone and everything around you. If this is sparking something inside you then you are already ahead of the game! You are part of an elect and chosen people who are beginning to awaken. Arise my friend!

Choose to be You. 


There are so many standards, expectations, and rules of engagement with our world today. I’m talking about something far beyond the now forced PC language and manipulation; so no, I am not even getting into all that- maybe in a book someday. What I want to draw your attention to is the reality that so many of us have sold ourselves out to cultural and social expectations that really have nothing to do with who we are at our core. I am not promoting indecency or disregard- in fact I highly encourage and exhort you to kindness, gentleness and compassion. Honesty, patience, and humbleness. Get real though, and really just be YOU.

Drop the facades and the formats. Yes, bloggers I get the affiliates thing and let me tell you- I would love to be at that stage right now. Notice, I used stage- not level. This is not an hierarchy of writing. What I do is authentically me. At an unusual and uncharacteristically slow pace. I am talking about two different places right now- daily life offline and daily life online. When you talk to me on FB live or even in your blog and I can sense your “selling-voice” then I know I’m being baited. When we talk in person or on the phone and you say “good”  or “fine” then I know you’re trying to sell again.

Here’s the truth: Life is too precious to be fake.

If you feel stuck or maybe like there’s a wall that is blocking you from something, reach out to me. Email. Instagram. Comment. Facebook. Let’s connect. I don’t come boasting some radically life-changing new superfood supplement that you just have to purchase in order to feel good again. I don’t come bringing some pyramid…*ahem*…Multi-Level-Marketing Business proposal to magically fix your health, your wardrobe and your finances. I don’t even come bearing freebies in your email inbox. Nope, not even a YouTube link to some how-to-BLAH videos. What I come to you with is authenticity.

Yep. Linens fit for a Queen.


Oh yeah, you better believe I can whip up some how-to’s and DIY’s. Must-haves and never-agains. But, I’ve decided here at Bride of Royalty. We, as in me and my laptop; we do things differently. I’m not going to send you an email with a link and then robo-send some generic freebie. Trust me when I say- I love me some email freebies and yes I watch for my favorite blogger email notifications. I even stop and actually read them through to end!. This is not a post to hate on the online social norm. I just want to custom fit every interaction while I can. I want to tailor your experience to help meet your need.

I am a trained certified peer support specialist. I can be considered among the field of recovery coaching. Interactive intercessor. Inner healing facilitator. What I do is engage authentically to meet your needs. Everyone is on a journey and sometimes we need a hand to hold- sometimes squeeze- while we discover how to break down walls, establish our foundation, find our voice, and use our feet again.