A Day in the Life of a Kingdom Wife 

Hey Royals, happy August! As promised (via Instagram) I am announcing some totally life changing news today…I am so excited to get you caught up on what’s been going on since mid-march. Time has really flown by this year and I am shocked that it’s the first day of August! For some reason my mind still thinks August = the end of summer; and I get pretty antsy when I feel like the sun is going to be leaving us again. Thankfully, here in the PNW, our summer has really just begun and I am loving the long nights, blue sky and hot temps!

Okay, here it goes…jumping right in! March brought about a loss in my husband’s family and propelled us into the current chapter of our journey. It’s amazing to me how God turns tragedy into opportunity if we give Him permission to lead us. Sometimes when change comes, it can be really hard to stay positive. It’s important to remember during those times that God truly wants to provide for us more than we can ask, think or imagine! IMG_7033

Things have been pretty wild since mid-March. We drove 2700 miles to care for a family member and help settle matters. It was a difficult time , but we made the most of it. We made sure to take a beautiful hike, enjoy our surroundings; and we even purchased a huge tractor tire inner tube to float the river! Yes, it was warm enough to float a river in April! We faced much adversity while we were gone but stuck together and worked hard to stay positive. At the end of 6 weeks, still having no clue when we would return home; another horrible event occurred. Out of respect and to protect the privacy of my family I will not go into the details. I will say, someday I will tell this story and I know that God’s victory and justice will prevail.

My husband and I were actually in shock for about 24 hours because of the news, we spent another 24 hours praying and brainstorming a strategy, and then we reached out to some wise counsel. We packed a couple bags and hit the road again. We had stayed in a campground on the river in the Great Smoky Mountains. The simplicity, tranquility and the pace we had living in an RV trailer was life-changing. Yes, we found ourselves unemployed, in unfamiliar territory, using the campground showers instead of the tiny RV shower and slightly confused about the direction our life was heading. It was beautiful. We really started to learn how to walk by faith as a married couple, together and in unity, no matter what obstacle threatened us, we turned it into opportunity.

“A thief does not come to rob an empty house.”

With our warrior faces and driving clothes on, we arrived back home in Washington State at around 4am the first week of May. This time the trip only took 45 hours, we were on a mission. We got back to find, yep, you guessed it! More adversity. More intense trials and attacks aimed right for our hearts, minds & wallets. Whenever you are following the best path for your life, you will face opposition.

About 2700 Miles! 


The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Remember this; a thief does not come to rob an empty house. I won’t go into all the dramatic details but I will give you some advice: if you’re car is ever wrongfully towed by a city you must pay the impound asap and retrieve a document from the towing company to contest the bill & reason for towing; of which you have only 10 days (at least where we are from) to submit to the county clerk. 10 days people. Ten.

On the 45 hour drive home we realized life was never going to be the same again. Our plans for the summer of finding a new home, starting a garden/mini-farm, maybe even looking into a new business or career; were still viable but not how we had envisioned. The Creator of the universe often places within us seedling desires reminiscent of His vision and plans for our lives. When we serve Him and allow Him to lead us; He provides the nutrients necessary to blossom those desires into dreams. When we choose faith, confidence in Him, He provides the living water necessary to grow those dreams into tangible realities. Remember, the Creator of the universe has a far better imagination than we do! If you can dream it, think it, or see it; the end result is going to be far bigger and much better!

“The Creator of the Universe has a far better imagination than we do!”

Our distant visions of the future began to come into focus. Our home was no longer in Washington. The pace of life, traffic, lack of authentic communication and especially the high priced housing market; none of it would be able to satisfy the desires that we held in our hearts. We had come to realize that we were being led to an opportunity we had never imagined would be packaged in such a unique way. The minimalist lifestyle we adopted while away motivated us to really explore what is most important to us. We still don’t know exactly what life is going to look like, but we have decided to, drum roll please……

Sell nearly all of our belongings and move across the nation! Yup, that’s right! We decided to totally shrink down our footprint and relocate to North Carolina. A lot of people have asked, “Why North Carolina? Why now?” Well honestly, we serve an amazing King and we follow His lead. May was spent by holding a garage sale at a storage unit we rented for one month. We sold as much as we could within that time and then donated the rest. At first it was kind of hard to let go of so many memories and comfort items. Now, I can’t wait to get settled so we can downsize more!

30 Days of Storage Unit Sales!

Once we shrunk down we had to find a way to haul everything. An important element to reducing our footprint is achieving financial freedom. Taking the traditional route of a Uhaul would have meant shelling out upwards of $2500 plus fuel. That just didn’t feel right, ya know? After a bit of time we discovered our solution. We needed our own trailer! I never would have imagined that I could get excited about a trailer. But it happened. Something you don’t yet know about me is that I love a good DIY project! Knowing virtually nothing about trailers or hauling loads, we dove head first into this early-mid 60’s, rusted, hidden in the weeds, mobile home DIY trailer project!

I forgot how much I love DIY! Crafting, building, creating. I just love it all! My favorite projects are usually sewing and random crafts where I can repurpose an item that appears to have no purpose, or is just simple and ordinary by nature. During the massive 30 day storage unit ‘garage’ sale, I really struggled with pricing out my sewing machine. I priced it high and even hid it on some days. Unfortunately, I did let my fabric and patterns go, for way too cheap. Thankfully though, I still have my sewing machine! My passion for DIY has been reawakened in the last month and I’ve been going project crazy!

I’m happy to announce that I will officially be starting DIY project posts!

The trailer is probably not your typical DIY but it was so much fun I decided I really wanted to share my experience with you. We have completed it but will soon be creating an awesome addition you will not want to miss out on! Stay tuned for those details!

What are your favorite hobbies? Do you still take time to invest in your passions? Do you have a hobby niche or bounce around and try ’em all? I want to hear about what you do to stay interested in life! Are your hobbies for relaxation? Where do you find your inspiration if you are a crafter or artist of sorts? Leave me a comment here or on FB and Instagram! IMG_7034

Next time on DIY ~ “Trailer Reimagined” 

Remember Royals, life is precious and time is fleeting; walk in love and choose joy no matter the circumstance.