Growing up I heard the request of many declaring to girls & women alike; “Don’t be such a Prude!” Never stopping to actually define this word, Prude. I along with many, simply assumed the understanding. The idea was deemed to mean; be loose & free. To not be uptight and concerned. The phrase gave a directive for women to hike up their skirts a little bit or “let their hair down” so to say. What it meant was boys were not going to pay you any attention and the girls weren’t going to think you are cool; if you chose to be a Prude. 

As I get older the comfort & fit of my clothing far outweighs the fashion trends & pressures of this world for how I should look. However, with Instagram & Pinterest so close to my fingertips; I can’t help but notice this idea of not being a prude is so engrained within women that the lines of fashion appropriateness and beauty are being blurred for our younger generations even more than ever before.

img_6455As a Bride of Royalty we must uphold a higher standard of living. We must redefine & declare what it means to love, value & express oneself. I firmly believe that God has created women purposefully with a desire to be adorned in fine clothing, jewelry & all the pretty things we flock toward. He created us with a natural & healthy desire to be looked upon, admired & pursued. Likewise, He created men with a natural affection to look upon, admire & pursue women. All of my life I have watched women blur the lines of appropriateness & the ways in which beauty is expressed on our bodies. It has been pushed to such a degree that now actually expresses not love or respect; but literally a disrespect & disgust for oneself. We then blame & punish men for looking upon us.

Royals, it is not because they look upon you that you feel violated. You feel violated because you chose to express yourself in a way that invites violation. Our expressions are visible through not just fashion & attire; but are vividly apparent in our speech & actions.  What you see externally is a direct reflection of what you experience internally. You see violation because you experience violation internally and therefore express the invitation externally on your own body.

Royals; today is a day to make a difference. Today, you can choose to start loving & respecting yourself again. Choose to express this externally so that you may once again invite love & respect to come upon you. img_6452You are created with a natural desire to be adorned with beautiful things but no blurring of those lines, no amount of extending those boundaries of what defines beauty, is going to make you feel beautiful inside. No amount of skin being revealed or covered is suddenly going to make you feel like you love who you are. It certainly won’t convince someone else to love you just because you dress or express whatever’s trending. 

Together we can redefine Beauty. Together we can redefine what being a woman really means. We love our sparkly jewels. We love our swaying silky linens. We love feeling beautiful. As we enter a season of shorter things & less being covered up; let’s remember that what we express is a direct reflection of how we feel & what we think about the value of our own life. You can give it a way freely like a Costco sample or you can declare your value by protecting you a little bit more.

Royal Bride, you are treasured & more valuable than any jewel. img_6454You were created for God’s pleasure; to be looked upon in affection, adored & pursued. You are not a commodity. You are not designed to be freely given to any who simply walk by you. Your worth is far greater.

Start reminding yourself of this truth. You can begin to feel & believe just how valuable you truly are in this world. Others will follow your example. When we begin to treat ourselves with love & respect it will show others how to treat you & themselves. You can make a difference. Do be a Prude. 👑

“For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.  

I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions. 

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil: Pride and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the forward mouth, do I (wisdom) hate.”  Proverbs 8:11-13

Prudent- acting with or showing care or thought for the future


Recognize Your Worth

Receive Wisdom & Prudence 

Release Your Value