The moment in time something completely unexpected occurs in my life the reaction is clear; Butterflies. Fleeting fluttering little creatures tap-dancing upon my heart sending a rush of jumbled signals into my brain. Next to be bombarded, is my belly; they come to bounce up and down as though my stomach is a children’s trampoline! Finally, they begin their ascent to escape. Nearly crushing my lungs with their beating little wings on the way out.

Fall back has gone and now we have sprung forward! A season of new life and vital growth is upon us. A beautiful time of chirping birds, flowers blooming and rain falling through the sometimes hidden sunshine and thick scattered clouds. IMG_4823.JPGSuch an inspiring time of year. A time when cleaning projects occur and summer vacations frequently flash in our minds. Visions of my future are a favorite pastime, the fuel for my days and typically the motivation for my tasks. This last week, I had another intense crash course in time-management and shifting schedules. Plus, I struck liquid gold digging deep into an online assessment that catapulted me forward on my expedition of harnessing authentic identity.

I learned that my time-management issue has not been unaccomplished tasks, but rather; the insecurity of a suddenly changing schedule. The revelation hit me like a ton of bricks! “I am not God!” I cannot control every moment of time! Of course, I have not claimed to be God and did not intend to attempt total control. Yet, I had not allowed myself enough consideration to discover the root of this anxiety and confusion that our culture loves to mask as silly little butterflies.  With the help of a dear friend and her amazing guidance as a Life Coach, I was able to finally see this incessant speed bump clearly for the first time! The root, as I now see it; is insecurity. The belief that I was not going to be okay because I now did not know what to depend on.

Wow! What a big fat lie I’ve been living with for so long. Can you imagine it? In simple terms, my belief of security came from my own ability, or inability, to control my time with written tasks, plans and schedules. Unplanned occurrences threw me into a spin! At times, I cherish spontaneity; really I do! However, most of my time is clearly and strategically planned out in mind, my calendar and my task lists. Which, I do schedule myself free time, thank you very much! What I had not considered in my plans is this beautiful thing called; life. 

I won’t be throwing out my calendar anytime soon. I likely will not stop making to-do lists. Most certainly of all, I will not be denying my mind it’s creative joy of constructing vision for my future. I am a visionary. I plan. I create. I construct highly efficient forward and upward moving paths to generate win-win solutions no matter the task or dream at hand. This is how my mind functions and this is who I have been created to be. I will however, be making one small change. I urge you to do the same.

I will choose to rely on my King to direct my steps. I will look to Him to be a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet. He is my security, my comfort and my stability. Jesus is the ultimate taskmaster. Our God who created life into existence with such intricate designs, all strategic and interwoven. He is where my dependance shall lie. To Him I will ask daily when I rise; “What do You want to do with me today? Is there one thing You would like to accomplish with me from my list? What is Your perfect plan for my future and how can I move toward that with You by my side?”

We can make perfect lists and perfect plans but sometimes our agenda does not match our destiny. If you find yourself continually unaccomplished, anxious, and falling behind; I challenge you to discover whether your plans are aligned with your true purpose and identity? Have you ever considered that maybe you don’t get ahead because you hopped onto someone else’s never-ending merry-go-round instead? The enemy of your soul wants to keep you distracted. He wants you to walk in circles until you are dead. It has been said, attempting the same strategy over and over again while expecting a different result; is the definition of insanity.

Those seemingly insignificant fleeting flutterings of butterflies; those are often the roots of lies. Anxiety, depression, confusion and insecurity all stem from fear. Butterflies you may not even know are still near if numbness has been your survival gear. It is time for new growth and for new life to spring forth inside your heart and mind. IMG_4824I speak to you and release peace to you. I release light and life into you. Get off the merry-go-round! It is time to try something new! Ask God to show you what He wants to do with you today? Ask Him, who does He want you to show His love to? Ask Him, what does He see as the most important task for you to accomplish today? His heart is to be with you. His desire is to have relationship with you.

When we walk according to our own plans, or those the enemy distracts us with; the evidence will be clear. Our strengths will appear to us in the form of weaknesses. Anxiety will explode within you. You will lose sight of your goals and why you set them in the first place. You will become easily distracted, never quite finishing what you set out to do. You will have feelings of failure and lack. You will question your purpose and identity. You see, I know the truth. I know that you have been created for a great purpose and that the whole earth is groaning for you to discover who you are.

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  1. Do you have a goal or vision for your future that was once your driving inspiration or still is but now you feel you have lost your way?
  2. Describe your goal or vision and why.
  3. Think back, when was the first time you veered of course? What was used to distract you?
  4. If you have a vision, a why, and you think you are on course but don’t feel like you are getting anywhere; share that and what is your heart’s true intent/expectation if you meet that goal?

May you be a little more filled with love, peace and joy today.