Her invisible sword always on her side, ready to slay any opponent

One wrong move, one wrong syllable, she will make her deadly swift move


Her day has come, the time is now

She can no longer align with this little baby girl

longing IMG_4736.JPG

Heart and mind abandoned, lured into a desolate and barren field

Surely there is no one to save her, protect her, cherish her


Trapped in this moment for oh so long, surrounded by her broken fences

Weeds can’t even grow here, her river has long since dried up and gone


She grew without growing and knew without knowing

And no one could retrieve that which had been stolen


Staring at a false reflection, smeared with the illusions she had been fed

Fighting for her justice drove her almost mad


Until one day her eyes were opened, her time of awakening had sprung

The little baby girl was now a someone


Strong because of her weaknesses, bold because of her pain

She is still bombarded with tingles while the numbness starts to fade


Will she discover what has been meant for her all along?

Her destiny and her purpose slowly rising, can almost be seen upon the surface


The river begins to dance, down the hillside once again

The grass is lush and whispering, into the soft wind


The Builder has come, making her fence strong and mended

The Gardener sows for her, a beautiful array of flowers

longing IMG_4738.JPG

The remnants of her haunting past, now strewn about threatening her thoughts

Her field has been cleansed, but the enemy will not subside


Now a someone who is loved, a someone who is chosen

A someone now with her beloved companion


Will she see that she has grown?

Will she finally know how to fight right?


She chooses now to stand tall, basking in her freedom

As a mighty Oak Tree, she is Rooted in the Kingdom