Happy Wordy Wednesday!

The best part of working from home?! I can take a day off without making any awkward calls or texts to my boss! Monday was a lovely day off with my sweet hubby! Some much needed adult time. The day was unplanned and rather sporadic, so when I got a call from him shortly after we said our morning goodbye’s, I was soon challenged with the feelings that came up! Initially, I was focused on being supportive and affirming to hubby and then, it hit me! “How would I get any work done with him at home?!” 

I began preparing my mind for the shift in my brand new schedule! I thought, “Seriously?! It’s only week 2 of my fantastic Working Love Schedule! How can I convince him that we need to do work all day?!” I quickly got through that thought and realized that we had to make the most of our day together! Especially since, weeks prior we had promised to not waste another sunny day. I conceded with myself that I would be taking an actual day off! IMG_4724Although, I did sneak in a load of laundry and a 15 minute kitchen cleaning session. Hehehe…Sneaky Momager Monday…had to tidy a little bit to feel better about skipping the day’s work. So, that’s my update and explanation of why I willingly did not post on Monday. I was out with my man! 😉

All the YouTube Videos and articles push so hard…Consistent Content!  I am committed to consistently pouring my heart into my dream and this Blog is my springboard for that vision. I will not however, sacrifice my marriage and relationships with family simply in order to produce content for my readers. I love you all and you are important to me! It is vital though, that we nurture our foundations to remain stable. When I got married last year, I became one with my husband. That means on the relationship priority list God will remain forever in first place and in second hubby and I will share that position. Next, should be our children, of which we currently have one son.

Some of you may wholeheartedly disagree with this belief system. Let me remind you of what may likely be the most used allegory to convey the vital importance of maintaining this relationship structure.

If the air masks fall while you are flying; you must put yours on first before assisting your child or another.

I think it is often times forgotten that our children do suffer greatly when the relationship between the parents is suffering. For the purpose of this discussion we will determine parents  as the adults in the home. Most often one or more will be a biological parent or by law considered as such. Children are far more perceptive and observant of emotions and behaviors than most adults would ever come to acknowledge. Even if the parent is dating someone who does not live at home, that relationship will be a highly influential example to the child.

Think about it this way, our children are and should be a huge priority in our lives. They are such an intense and intentional focus of our love. A lifelong investment of our attention, time, money, thoughts, and most of our actions. Additionally, our husbands (and so not to exclude anyone unmarried you can assume partners), should be a lifelong investment of the same means mentioned above. I will add though, once married, whether you acknowledge this or not; you are spiritually choosing to become one. If married, you have willingly chosen to essentially give up your agenda, your rights, and your needs, in order to tend to your husbands needs, wants, and agenda (or wife). IMG2280.jpgWhen you said, “I do,”  you really said, “I am willingly setting aside my needs and wants in order to meet yours to the best of my ability.”  For those of you unmarried, think of this as a foundation for who you are with now. I challenge you to discover if you can truly and wholeheartedly make this commitment to your significant other. Not for their sake alone, but for yours and your child(ren) as well.

So, Brides where are we going with all of this? Imagine this, inside of you resides a tank. The actions of our investments into our relationships come from this tank; the love tank. Please note: I did not create the love tank idea. This is the intellectual property of Gary Chapman. I highly recommend any of his books! The 5 Love Languages and Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married are must haves! You can purchase them here and here; or at your local bookstore. Basically, the idea is that in order to pour out of your love tank into your relationships (including the one you have with yourself!) you must somehow be getting filled up as well!

If you aren’t filling up your husbands love tank, and yours isn’t getting filled up; are you really going to be able to genuinely fill up your kid’s tank? They know when your love is strained! They perceive when your tank is low! Of course, they may or may not have an intellectual understanding of this, they do feel the difference of being loved when your tank is full and when it is not. Last week, I talked briefly about boundaries. I told you that I would try to implement boundaries for myself going into the weekend. Waking up earlier than everyone else Saturday morning, helped me and my boys tremendously! I was able to take the time I needed to fill up my love tank for myself, before I started pouring out to my family. I spent time with my King; refueling my heart and mind so that I could effectively love in my most important relationships.

Take the Ketchup or Mustard bottle for example. Hot dog in hand, you slam the bottle upside down as though hitting an invisible table to force all the sauce to it’s point of exit. Maybe you even hit that sucker on the actual counter or tabletop. IMG_4722You unlatch the lid, begin to squeeze and then, that sound (please visit link!) Yep, the gaseous sound that makes our littles giggle with intense delight! Seriously, that video could not be a more fitting imagery! “We have all done it..” Stop trying to force out the tiny bit of love you have left inside of you!

Go and get filled up! Replenish! Rejuvenate! Relax! Rest! You need to fill up your tank! I can assure you the King, the Light of this World, He wants you to be filled. He is drawing you in so you can overflow your love tank and pour out to your most valued relationships and then onto the world around you. His love is never ceasing. Like a waterfall rushing into your heart and soul without end.

Shapak- means to abundantly without ceasing pour out upon you.

That is what our Father is waiting to do for you. So that you can pour out to your significant others, children, and all who you encounter. At your jobs, at the grocery store, yes, even to your neighbors whom you may still not know their names. *cough*cough* Look Brides, we must be filled with love in order to be able to love.

“Beloved, God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”  1 John 4:11

When you are feeling low, when your tank is empty and all seems bleak and hopeless; pour out those things to Him who loves you. This way you will be given a great exchange. He takes the junk and fills you with love. He takes the hurt and fills you with joy. He takes the anxiety and fills you with peace. Give Him permission and invite Him to fill up your love tank. I know He will not fail you nor disappoint you.

“Trust in Him at all times, my friends; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” Psalm 62:8


My challenge to you today is to do some filling up, before you try to squeeze yourself out onto those around you. Maybe try something new? Maybe get on your knees and seek the One who is waiting to Shapak; to without ceasing pour out His love upon you. My beloved Brides, keep this word with you as you continue through your day. As always, I truly hope for this to become an interactive experience! Comment below! Here are some ideas:

  1. At what times and/or with whom, do you find yourself most strained even when your desire is to love?
  2. What do you fill yourself up with the most? Is it Netflix? Instagram? Books? Art? What are you filling your tank with?
  3. When is the last time you took a day off to be with your loved one? If you have never done this, what’s stopping you and what would you choose to do with them?

Thanks as always for visiting and taking the time to get filled up with Truth and Inspiration to be bold and walk as Royalty in this nation.