Friday is here and I have officially accomplished one week using my “Working Love Calendar” schedule! Yay! Time to celebrate! I really do feel quite accomplished. I still have tons of things on my list however, within me resides a much greater peace about those items I did not complete. I titled this post as such because I like themes. I have been tossing around potential themes for each of my writing days…Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This week, I jam packed Monday’s post with inspiration, tips, and tools. I like to think of it as sort of “Momager Mondays”… Not like you just became your kid’s manager, but practical how-to’s and such. The nitty-gritty  of just how we can get through life with our crown’s still on straight, and our head held high at the end of our day! Wednesday was The Word Day. Wordy Wednesday. It was nothing short of enlightening. 😉 Today, I just wanted to share a bit of my heart with you- Foodie Fridays. This gives me some room to play! Foodie Fridays can be food for you bellies or for your thoughts! Of course these are all just my off-the-cuff ideas. Ultimately, my intentions are always just to honestly and openly communicate with you. Sharing my heart, truth and inspiration is what you can count on!

Since I work from home right now, housewife life, I really have no one around to hold me accountable. Except ME?! I have had to teach myself what routines, habits, and schedules work for me; and which ones do not! It has been an interesting ups-and-downs journey getting to where I am now. Currently, I feel really good about my groove! Today, was a bit different than I had expected because I attended an out of town workshop titled: “How to Care.”  

Just recently, I became certified as a Peer Counselor. This has exposed me to a whole new realm of workshops and trainings! I so enjoy learning; especially when I can gain more insight and tools into helping and loving others more effectively. When I received the email about this workshop; the title alone tugged at my heart! Being only a 3 hour class we discussed a lot of basics, most of which I have been taught before. However, hearing information delivered in a new way is always refreshing!

One of the main topics we discussed was Boundaries…duhn duhn duhn duhhhhhn! Yes, boundaries are almost an entirely foreign concept for current generations and society today. This is not a rant nor a lesson so, I will plant that seed and we can carry on. I have heard it said before but today it seemed so fresh and new;

“Boundaries are not something you place around another person, they are however limits and protections that you establish for yourself.”

I just so loved that and wanted to share! Some food for thought as we go into our weekends and get to spend more time with our families. Even if you are not on a traditional work schedule, your weekend will approach soon enough. After spending so much time establishing my own schedule and finding my totally cool new groove…I realized that when the weekends come around…I get snippy. Yuck. I mean, Hangry Moments type of snippy. I have tried to prepare myself and I don’t like to be snippy! I wait all week long to get time with my boys and then BLAM! Snippy happens.

The missing link…(haha pun not intended, if you don’t get that you haven’t clicked on the link above!) boundaries.  Yes, even at home, with family, on the weekends; we need to establish some self-care boundaries! I’m not totally sure yet, what this really looks like or how to apply this profound truth; but I do know that I need to search for those answers. I have been so focused on them that I forgot to take care of me!

As I begin to walk into the weekend, I will be keeping boundaries in mind. Searching to find what self-care I need to apply. Some ideas I have right now:

  1. wake up earlier than everyone else and use that time to read and get ready for the day so I don’t have to share the bathroom!!!
  2. really, I need the bathroom to myself!
  3. maybe spend 30 minutes during the day doing something alone. like a walk, reading, instagram-ing…pinterest-ing…you know, like instead of diving into my phone while with my boys; actually going to my desk for a few just to respect my alone time.

I don’t really have anything else right now. I would love to hear some feedback from you!

Q #1-Have ever thought about having boundaries for yourself at home, with your family…?! What feelings and thoughts come up for you now?

Q #2- What ideas do you have to try or what have you tried?

Q #3- What area of your life do boundaries become the biggest challenge for you?

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy chewing on this week’s food for thought!