I have entered into the realm of the unknown…My thoughts are composing a new beat. They come rushing into my brain as mimicking the force of a mighty river. It is the sparkling greenish-blue and white elegantly colliding with a massive boulder; anchored securely within the foundation. Exhilarating, refreshing and yet, mysterious and interpretive.  How can I fully obtain them? Is any more valuable than another? Which shall I toss into the Recycling Bin and which shall I Save Asriverrocks

When my thoughts hit against my being I literally feel how they feel. Those worth keeping around carry life. In the physical the life-carrying thoughts would appear as wisps and twirls. Thick translucent beams of dazzling effervescent light. Alive and real. Positively infectious. I sense their curls and loops and hear their effortless movements dancing around me. I pluck them down to hold close like a vine-ripened fruit, gently falling into my hand as the Sun encourages me. As a young child I could see their colors more clearly than I can now.


Recently, I noticed that my vision has been improving. I do wear glasses, but now sometimes; I can see with more clarity when I take them off. I am currently using my 3rd pair. I got my first ‘adult’ pair of glasses when I was about 18.  After just a brief time they began to barely hang onto my ears.  They were always slipping off my nose. Causing me to do that nerdy thing that made me laugh internally every time. You know, pushing them up on the bridge with an index finger. After awhile though, I stopped laughing. They became bent to the point that no amount of tightening those cute miniature screws would help anymore.  The lenses were scratched in such a way that I wondered at the end of their life-cylce; “How did I even walk…?”  I couldn’t really see anything clearly through those lenses. Intriguing…I would wear that exact pair until the end of a particularly distorted season of my life.

You see, at the conception of a thought or even emotion; our mind acts as a doorway. We receive a knock, and have the opportunity to choose one of two options. We either choose to open the door, and allow the thought in; or we can reject the thought and continue on- without it. Truth is; we do have the choice. Acknowledging this truth as reality can actually transform your mind. A positive thought creates a beautiful and healthy pathway in your brain. It even looks like a healthy young tree. A negative thought creates a distorted and toxic pathway in your brain. Giving a visual which is indicative of an old rotted tree.

This physical neuro-pathway in your brain sets a pattern for all of the choices that you make. Choices ranging from small tasks to huge life decisions. Even setting patterns for how you view yourself, your situation and those around you. Examples can include: choosing to get out of bed with a positive attitude, when your alarm goes off the first time. As well as, which route you will take to work.  The pattern can even reflect how many cocktails you are going to stop at rather than, just verbalizing a limit and plowing right on through it! What about when you know you shouldn’t be opening your mouth and you go ahead and do it anyways? Did you willingly make the choice to say that nasty comment? Or did it come flying out of your mouth as easy as you breathe in and out…without even thinking?


This amazon in my mind it twists and turns. It’s currents ever-flowing with expectancy. Brimming with opportunity to change the world around me. I can achieve this simply by being selective of what I allow my mind to contain. I could give to you an old simple and catchy statement such as; “Garbage in, Garbage Out” but then I would be feeding you a lie. It is time to obliterate the lies that have flooded our minds. Infected our culture and divided our communities. We have a power and responsibility to control and willingly consent to our choices. If garbage in, garbage out; were our fate; those who are harmed would only harm others. Yes, ‘garbage in’  can create vulnerability and risk for a greater challenge when determining choice. In fact, often times ‘garbage in’ does indeed convince us that we do not have a choice and that our willing consent is not even necessary or valid.

The very moment in which you begin to hear a knock at your mind’s front door, you have the ability and the right to consent to the thought or to deny it. If it does not bring you or those around you, life; then it is toxic. You do not have to allow life to happen to you or for your thoughts and emotions to wreck havoc in your mind. Thus, giving your thoughts, emotions, and the forces behind them the power to manipulate and coerce your will to say or do what does not bring life to you. As human beings we have an inherent nature to protect oneself, almost at any cost. As such, I would challenge you with this:

How then, can we believe a person does truly and willingly consent to a thought or a feeling that brings destruction upon them? What then, brings thoughts and emotions that do not carry life to knock on the door of our mind? What force sends a thought knocking upon your door that says, “they hate you”, or “they were talking about you”, or any of the following:

“I am no good. I am worthless. No matter how hard I try, it will never be enough. I am all alone. No one understands. I am a failure. No one will ever love me.  No one appreciates me and all that I do for them.  If I work hard to change myself then he/she will finally love me. I could never get a better job than this one; I’m lucky to even have it. I made bad choices so now I have to pay for it. People hate me because I’m…(fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, short, tall, rich, poor, blonde, brunette, old, young, educated, uneducated, white, black, Asian, Indian, European) fill in your blanks. I have no other choice. This is the only option. I am stuck.” 

These can be common thoughts that come against people. Maybe you have never experienced one of these; but I know  your own thoughts will unveil themselves to you. Maybe a lot of them do hit home and stir up past or even present situations for you. Maybe, one or more have even caused you to trigger.  Tears streaming down your now pink cheeks, anger, maybe confusion swelling up within…I get it. I know this pattern. I know a lot of these patterns. Oh, and yes, there are SO many more.brokenglasses

The very first time you opened your mind to allow one of these types of thoughts to enter in; a seed was planted. The second time, the roots began to grow. After 21 days of a thought or emotion “seed” being planted, watered, and cultivated <- read: pondering it, tossing it over and over, focusing on it, choosing different actions or words because of it, finally accepting it and making it yours… Now you have a physical pattern rooted in your brain. Brain patterns take 3 cycles of 21 days to create permanency. You have successfully grown an old, rotten and toxic thought tree if any thought such as those above or any like them, have been rooted in you.

We have all been in a situation where what we thought we saw in the physical…ended up to reveal it’s truth that was not at all what we thought. Why then is it SO easy, effortless at a point; to take the bait that our thought realm taunts us with? Every time you open the door to toxic thoughts and emotions; you are furthering the permanency and growth of those toxic trees. They create unhealthy and vastly destructive patterns in your life. The thoughts, the physical ‘evidence’ you add up with logic, in addition to the emotions you allow in; they drop into your heart and begin to blend. It is within your heart that you determine with your will what you consent to. Out of the heart is where we speak. Out of the heart is where we act. Out of the heart flows attitude, choice, belief, speech, every action and every reaction.


During that distorted  season of my life which I mentioned earlier…I had made a choice.  A thought came knocking and I chose to allow it inside of my mind. I allowed it to live there, to grow roots and to create patterns. Finally, it dropped into my heart and disconnected me from truth and my reality changed. The main thoughts coming against me were: “I would never be loved by a good and honest man,”  “I was not good enough to be treated right,”  and  (that) “I did not deserve to be cared for, honored, respected and appreciated.” I believed that I was good for almost nothing. This compound belief system had began rooting itself  in me at a very young age; but it was later, during that season of my first eyeglasses, that I had accepted it as truth. Thus allowing the belief system to drop into my heart and create it’s semi-permanent residence there.

I stepped into that season with a big lie as my reality. That lie changed my life. That lie handed my will over to the enemy of my soul. I entered into the most toxic ‘relationship’ I have ever experienced. My will was held captive and my reality was based on toxic illusions. People tend to say; “Why doesn’t she just leave?” Well, she doesn’t know that she can. She doesn’t know that anyone else wants to love her. She doesn’t know that anyone else is even there for her at all. She doesn’t know that she is worth anything more than what she is experiencing. She doesn’t know that her reality is a lie. She doesn’t know that her will is being manipulated by the one who wants to see her destruction. She doesn’t know that she didn’t make an informed choice. When she accepted the illusion as her reality, she was no longer consenting to the choices she made.

We  can all relate in one way or another. We know there are lies we tell ourselves. We know there are areas that are toxic in our lives. We may even know that we want better and desire to make a different choice. The first step is: deny the lie access to your mind any longer. You slam the door shut when they creep in and you begin to learn to not even open the door to them. The second step is: recite the truth, even before it becomes your reality. Even when, you cannot feel or see the truth yet. You can lose the weight! You can eat healthy! You can feel worthy! The darkness in your mind can be destroyed! You are valuable! You are not alone! You are appreciated! You deserve to be respected. You deserve to be honored. You deserve to know the truth of who you are. You can see truth. You can live in truth and light. You can reject those knocks by not even opening the door to them.


Our physical realm does present us with evidence and valuable indicators that can show us information when something is out of place or when it is working well. If we know how to interpret this information with both the physical and nonphysical realms then we can understand these indicators. Carefully not accepting toxic thoughts. The life cycle for my first pair of eyeglasses ended far before I stopped wearing them. The interesting thing to me is this; they were an accurate, physical representation of how I saw my life, my worth, my future, and even my present. The distortion was so great that my physical life started to change because of what I accepted as truth in my mind, my will, and my emotions.

Later, a second season of eyeglasses came upon me. I began to live healthy again although, my past continued to haunt me. Once more, I fell into the trap of the lies coming against my thought life, manipulating my mind and emotions. Thus, allowing my will to be coerced. I had started out well, but quickly took a u-turn that led me off  track and down a dark and all-too-familiar road. It was nearing the end of this second season when a light turned on inside my mind. One day, the glasses fell off my face and onto the floor. As I moved to reach down and grab them, my hair gently falling over my eyes;  I felt them under my foot and at the same time I heard the subtle snap. It was as though time had momentarily stopped and my heart was really what had snapped in two. I had actually stepped on them. It was an awakening moment for me. One that could easily have been tossed aside as meaningless. When that pair slipped off my face and I crushed them with my own foot… it was in that moment that I knew I was again; not seeing clearly.


I do bring hope. I do bring truth. I do bring light to shine upon the darkness. Darkness cannot reside where light exists. It must flee. Those old rotten toxic thoughts and emotions; they are lies. You no longer have to accept a lie as your reality. You have the power and ability to reject the knock, at the door, when they come flooding against your mind. You have an opportunity to consent to truth and life and to shatter the illusions that you have accepted. When that second pair broke; something broke off of me. A light came into a place in my heart where light had not shone before.

Now, just a short couple of years later, on my 3rd pair of adult eyeglasses; I have begun to see with even more clarity. This season has brought much light and life to me. It took more than one try, more than one season, and certainly more than one mistake. It is a journey well worth the reward. Taking ownership of your thought-life is not going to be easy. Sometimes you will accept a thought or emotion because it’s comfortable and familiar. But you can do this. You can overcome. You can live in freedom. You can live in truth. And you can discover your roots of Royalty.