IDENTITY.  The nucleus of my being. The core of my passions. The jet fuel for my thoughts. The substance of all Truth within me stems from a recognition, understanding, and complete acceptance of identity.  It’s a big deal. Anyone can see that in our world today identity is a hot topic issue. Hard to define, a mystery to unfold and even a thing that can be stolen from you.

There is an ongoing, ever-increasing epidemic of identity theft and identity fraud in our world today. The crime is vast and convoluted. Businesses now are even being found to have stolen the identity of other businesses. It can be a cyber crime, stolen or forged ID cards, SSN cards, fraudulent checks, etc. The number of individuals impacted by these crimes continues to grow daily. Something must be behind this driving force besides the obvious; financial motivator. So, what is inspiring individuals to deny and suppress their own identity and seek so fervently after someone else’s? After all, we know that there really is only one YOU.

Within this question we must look at another. Those who are stealing identities are most definitely aware they are committing a crime. This means you now have an individual who is not only suppressing their own identity but who is also willing to commit crime in order to be someone else. A  perspective on those found to have committed identity theft or any other crime could be, that the person committed is any combination of the following prejudgments or any not listed: inherently bad, ill-equipped of common sense, evil, lazy, devious, born into that ‘life’, brilliant but misguided…the list can go on. Ultimately those colorful words are only objective opinions. The person essentially is categorized as a Criminal. Now Criminal becomes their identity. Reality is not always based in truth. The truth is, that a crime is a symptom. Therefore, Criminal as an identity is void. Criminal is the illness. The product of the symptoms combined. It is the result of infection systemically. Not medically, but literally.


We all have some vague or general idea of who we are, but what is identity? When you meet someone new; “Hi, My Name is…Jane Doe”..? Is it our name? What about the dreaded interview intro; “So, tell us about yourself…” open-ended, horror of a start to an interview. You now find yourself wanting to disappear from it after waiting WEEKS to land… or was it just days..? ‘Tell me about yourself’, your inner monologue drips thick with crimson sarcasm and dread at your future boss…What do they expect from us in 30 seconds?  ‘Who am I? I’m your best candidate and I need a paycheck. You called me!’ The Caterpillar comes to mind…”Whhhoooooooo Arrrrrrrrre yooooooooooou….?” Alice in Wonderland…Classic. A story of confused identity.

IDENTITY- [ahy-den-ti-tee, ih-den-] gives us 7 variations of this beautiful noun. I prefer the second listed:

2. the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another
Hmm…Our culture must be quite confused. Everywhere we turn since conception we are sold on whom we are expected, supposed, and taught to be. Parents model our identity for us, sometimes not to our benefit. Teachers sometimes, guide this process. Media…well we all know where that conversation goes…Billboards, magazines, radio, television, and this intricate gem- The Internet. Facebook, archenemy and best friend. Buy this, wear that, drive an x-y-z…this color is in and that one is out. Trends are amazing things, but at the end of the day, we still just want to know; “Who am I?”
I’ll go ahead and let you in on a few secrets I have uncovered thus far in my life. Material matters are NOT your identity. That best friend who never leaves your side and just so-happens to have your ‘dream job’ you never quite got to…your association to her- does not define nor impact YOUR identity. Hair color, body type, shoe size, number of followers or “friends” on your preferred social media site…none of these are your identity. Sure, some of these wonderful descriptors are relative to characteristics and traits that you posses or could be distorted reflections of your hidden values. Ultimately though, they do not begin to describe your Identity.
That tiny voice who whispered into your delicate ears at a young age; “You will do something that changes the world…”  That voice was Truth. Have you forgotten your identity? Have you lost it along the sometimes crooked or backwards moving path you forged in order get to this moment? Has it been stolen from you? Do you label yourself as criminal or some other title that you wish you could wash away like you do your eye-shadow?  Maybe you love who you are but still have a disconnect with your Identity? Take my hand…
You are a Queen in a Royal Court. You are part of a Chosen Generation. You are destined to greatness. And you are equipped. You are cared for and provided for. You are protected. You are important. Your voice is significant. Your dreams can be your reality. Your vision and passion to create change is inherently within you.
My dear, you are cherished. You are loved. Your inner (wo)man is clothed with honor and strength. You did not lose yourself. You suppressed yourself. You allowed lies to come against you. You allowed the world to dictate how you see yourself. You allowed your experiences to control you. You allowed your past to be your focus rather than hope for your future. You allowed your and others, untrustworthy, rampant, adolescent and sometimes even adult; emotions to manipulate you. To confuse you and cause a course of change in your life. You did not choose all of this willingly. Your will is being held captive.
You are not just a product of your environment and your parents. You are the sum of your identity, words, and actions. Your mind, will, and emotions formulate a substance that drops into your heart like a silent explosion. This substance flows out of your heart and from your mouth and through your actions like a raging river, or maybe a trickling stream. This substance is yours to harness, to train, and to transform. It is yours to discover. To acknowledge, to understand and to accept. It is not for the media to dictate. It is not for parents to manipulate. Even still, your friends, family and especially significant others have no real ability to control this substance. It is your identity.
You are Queen of your realm. You are loved, cherished, adored. You are sought after, more beautiful than any gem or stone and fragrant of sweet life. You are  joyous, peaceful, intelligent and playful. A bringer of justice, and a cause for unity. You are a Royal Bride. The time is now to fight for your will. For it is yours and yours alone. Only you have the ability to allow it to be held captive. You alone can free it with the Truth of who you are so that light may shine upon your true Identity. ❤